About LiteStep

LiteStep is a replacement desktop interface for Windows™.

The LiteStep Shell allows creation of custom desktop interfaces in ways that you find useful (and eye catching). LiteStep's modular structure enables the addition or removal of any aspect of the desktop interface.

Choose from hundreds of modules, scripts and themes. Make your desktop experience unique, enjoyable and dynamic.

LiteStep ScreenShot 1       LiteStep ScreenShot 2

Don't know where to start? Grab the LS Installer from the menu to the right. Then head over to a themes site to try out different community developed themes and experience how this Windows shell replacement can renew your desktop.

Get Support

The LiteStep Community Forums
General, Theme, Module and Support discussions at forums.litestep.info
The LiteStep User IRC Channel
irc.freenode.net #litestep or connect using webchat
The LiteStep Developer IRC Channel
irc.freenode.net #lsdev or connect using webchat

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